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Established in 1998 based on recommendations from the High-Level Finance Committee on Corporate Governance, MICG contributes to developing Malaysia’s governance and sustainability landscape. This commitment is manifested through diverse initiatives, including professional development programmes, collaborative ventures with industries, and the promotion of insightful thought leadership.

As a member of Malaysia’s Corporate Governance Council and SME Governance Working Group, MICG actively promotes governance excellence across diverse business sectors. This membership reflects the Institute’s commitment to fostering transparency, accountability, and sustainable business practices within the Malaysian corporate landscape.

Looking forward, MICG is expanding its business scope to include advisory services on governance and sustainability. This strategic move positions the Institute as a valuable resource for corporations seeking expert guidance on these critical matters. Through this evolution, MICG aims to continue playing a role in facilitating positive changes in the corporate landscape, supporting businesses in Malaysia to integrate robust governance and sustainability practices.

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Our board embodies diversity, uniting genders, cultures, skills, and experiences for comprehensive and inclusive decision-making.

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Dedicated and client-focused, our team delivers tailored solutions, prioritising ESG principles to meet diverse client needs.

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Explore our governance documents highlighting our steadfast commitment to integrity and building trust with stakeholders.


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Dr. Ismet Yusoff

Dr. Ismet Yusoff is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance (MICG). He plays an active role in raising the corporate governance and sustainability standards of corporates in Malaysia by working closely with local and international stakeholders including regulators, standard setters, professional bodies and corporates.

Dr. Ismet was instrumental in the formulation of Malaysia’s corporate governance and sustainability regulatory framework, best practices and strategic priorities. These include the development of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance, Malaysia’s Corporate Governance Strategic Priorities, Guidelines on Conduct of Directors of Listed Corporations and Their Subsidiaries, Guidelines on Corporate Governance for Capital Market Intermediaries and Bursa Malaysia Listing Requirements including Bursa Malaysia Sustainability Reporting Framework. He was also involved in the development of analytics and machine learning system for regulatory monitoring on governance disclosures, establishment of the Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia and other various industry-led initiatives on corporate governance and sustainability.

Dr. Ismet was the Secretariat for the ASEAN Corporate Governance Initiatives under the ASEAN Capital Market Forum (ACMF). He was responsible for managing the ASEAN corporate governance scorecard assessments involving six ASEAN countries and organising the inaugural ASEAN Corporate Governance Awards in Manila, Philippines.

Dr. Ismet graduated from the International Islamic University Malaysia. His doctoral thesis was on the effect of corporate governance and capital structures on performances of Malaysian public listed companies.