Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance

Kickstart Your Sustainable Future: A Journey in Sustainability Reporting

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
16 May 2024
10:00 am
- 5:00 pm
26 September 2024
10:00 am
- 5:00 pm
RM 1,900
RM 1,600

per pax (excluding SST)


Kickstart Your Sustainable Future
A Journey in Sustainability Reporting

This program equips participants with the technical skills to embark on a journey in sustainability reporting, covering the fundamentals of disclosure, data collection, and report preparation for a sustainable future.


Module 1: Introduction to Sustainability Reporting
Providing a foundational understanding of sustainability reporting, this module covers the basics of disclosure, the importance of data collection, and the preparation of sustainability reports for a sustainable future.

Module 2: Data Collection and Metrics
Developing technical skills in data collection, validation, and metrics for sustainability reporting, ensuring accuracy and completeness in sustainability disclosures.

Module 3: Preparing Sustainability Reports
Guiding participants through the technical aspects of sustainability report preparation, including content structure, measurement, and compliance with reporting guidelines.

Module 4: Stakeholder Engagement and Communication
Practical insights on stakeholder engagement and communication strategies to effectively convey sustainability achievements and commitments, driving organizations toward a more sustainable future.