Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance

Demystifying the Exchange-traded Funds Guidelines: Critical Insights and Interpretations

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
28 May 2024
10:00 am
- 5:00 pm
15 October 2024
10:00 am
- 5:00 pm
RM 1,900
RM 1,600

per pax (excluding SST)


Demystifying the Exchange-traded Funds Guidelines Critical Insights and Interpretations

This program aims to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of product guidelines, focusing on specific aspects such as investments of the fund and the requirements related to benchmark indices, enabling management companies to structure their funds with greater precision and compliance.


Module 1: Comprehensive analysis of ETF product guidelines, including Chapter 6: Investments of the Fund and specific requirements related to benchmark indices.

Module 2: In-depth understanding and analysis on the rationale for each core requirement, including how the requirements relate.

Module 3: Understanding the applicability of each core requirement for the different types of investments.