Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance

Customised Programmes

Immerse yourself in a personalised journey of knowledge through our “Customised Programmes,” meticulously designed to meet specific organisational needs and industry challenges.

These programs offer corporations a unique opportunity to explore thematic subjects derived from the latest discussions and emerging issues in governance and sustainability.


Unleash personalised solutions for your organisational growth with MICG’s ‘Customised Programmes.’ We specialise in creating individualised training initiatives that cater to the distinct needs of our clients. Our customised programmes are designed to empower your workforce at every level, focusing on critical areas such as corporate governance, sustainability, business ethics, and adherence to rules and regulations.

Whether it’s directed towards board members, senior management, or employees across all levels, MICG ensures that each training session is precisely adjusted to address the specific challenges and objectives of your organisation. Our proven track record includes serving a diverse clientele, ranging from public-listed companies and SMEs to state-owned enterprises and government agencies. Experience the transformative impact of personally tailored learning solutions that drive success, foster ethical business practices, and ensure regulatory compliance within your unique business context.

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